Saturday, January 2, 2010

Days 1 & 2 of 7

I have been a very naughty girl and quite abandoned my Blog. Oh, lonely it must feel. (I can either break into tears here, or simply move on...)
Between my sister and The Unknown Artist (aka Esther) I have been persuaded to join the "Seven Dresses for Seven Days!" *in my head I now hear ♪♫♪Bless Your Beautiful Hide...Wherever You May Beeeee♪♫♪*
...never mind....

Day 1:
OK, I was not planning on sharing my outfit with the world, so I didn't get any good pictures
of it but here is what I have:It seems to be the
way of these posts to tell everyone where the articles came from so I shall do my best! The skirt is my all-time favorite and was acquired second-hand from my Dear Grandmother! I'm showing off my beautiful coat purchased in Alaska...where they have ample supplies of such things! The brown boots are another favorite, so don't worry that you cannot see them...they will more than likely show up again! And of course I'm modeling two of my favorites accessories....a scarf and a cup of coffee! :)

Day 2:

Something old, something new, something purple....?Wait...I think that's the wrong train of thought...
This outfit was created for warmth. The ribbed mock turtle neck is older than Noah and I have no idea where it came from! The moleskin skirt has a likewise, ambiguous origin...but is long and warm...besides the camel color goes with most anything!
The ever-present scarf is a Christmas gift and this was it's maiden voyage--that's a weird way to put that :/ The little touches are, fav cami in purple from GAP, my lovely Hippo necklace from Africa, stolen..err..I mean, borrowed earrings from my sister's stash, wonderful black boots and, of course a new haircut. I am loathe to call the purple Hershey's Kiss an accessory....but if the shoe fits....

And speaking shoes...
when one has purple legs
and black boots, they really
ought not to be hidden away!

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Dutchess said...

LOL, I love the many things that have been in our closets since the dawn of time....weird...