Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 4 of 7

*ahem* Now to continue The 7 Days in a Dress. I don't know what the official rules are, but being sick for two days, I neither got dressed nor was in any shape to be photographed! So, we'll just pick up where we left off!
It's snowing so beautifully once again and I was determined to get pictures in it!

Amazingly, this fab wool skirt is a White Stag. It's such a wardrobe basic, I'm literally wearing it out. *cries*
The shirts are my FAV long-sleeve tee and cami from GAP! (bought on sale, of course!)
The hidden socks are George (My favorite socks, ever!)
The mules, I'm thinking are from WalMart, 100 years ago. The faux fleece lining is super warm!

The hair-do is just blow-dried and pulled back with a beautiful brown headband from a Christmas past. Earrings are a birthday gift from a South American couple I worked with, which is where the earrings are from.
And, for a change, my other African necklace!

Hooray for Snow!

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daughter of the King said...

love it!!!!! I want to play in the snow! :) I just finished my Day 4, so you and I can go on the same timeline :)