Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 5 of 7

Time to show off Day 5's outfit as well as one of my passions, scrapping!
Since it was blowing and snowing all day (I think the lowest it got, with wind chill, was -23!) It was a great day to stay inside and craft!

Alrighty then! I know it's a late post...but better late than never, right? Of course, right!
Today I'm wearing one of my favorite get-ups! I seriously considered not posting new photos but instead, reposting the fabulous shot Ester took almost exactly one year ago!
The Outfit: Thermal knit hoodie top and tank are from GAP (have I worn GAP every day...?)
Apt. 9 skirt was a gift from Mother Dearest the Christmas I was in England!
Smoky grey Old Navy tights.
Slip-On ballet shoes, black & grey striped, I bought in South Africa.
The Accessories: I bought these earrings, probably 12 years ago when my sister and I decided we needed fancy and daring jewelry! Woo Hoo! And, do I even need to mention the African necklace? Can I count my amazing scrapbook tote by Paper Studio?
The Do: First, I gave myself more definite bangs. One side is twisted and held with a comb and the other side is held with 2 snappy clips.
If you haven't been following the 7 Days of Dresses you can read all about it here!


Dutchess said...

I love that outfit!

Suzie Q said...

And the dutchess would know.....