Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 6 of 7

Here we are, inside...watching the snow fall and enjoying the warmth of the house! However, the wind is not blowing quite so much today and I really should go out and shovel! ...but, but...I'm having so much fun looking at my Altered Book from my sister..... Ohhhhh! I must have some will power in there somewhere!
Every picture taken of me today turned out miserably so we're stuck with these!
The Outfit: Black suede skirt from Coldwater Creek! (hand-me-down, yippee!)
Sparkly silver knit top from White Stag, Christmas gift several years ago.
Crop royal blue Rue 21 sweater, Christmas gift this year from my sister.
Black George socks, I bought because they're wonderful!
The Accessories: Earrings were a gift from my Grandma a few years ago.
Bowl from an Africa market filled with pinecones....from the Christmas decor box! I did not, however walk around carrying it... Also to note, the adorable, hand-made stockings on the wall, courtesy of Derrillynn!
The Do: Brown plastic comb headband. Nothing special, just nice and easy!
And since I'm obviously having a love affair with my socks, I have included a special photo of them! *sigh*