Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Christmas Count-Down Has Begun!

I have this lofty goal of making all my Christmas gifts next year. I always have high aspirations, but never start soon enough, so usually only a few people get genuine, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted creations! Sooooo...I'm thinking, if I start now, I have a fair chance of getting this done!

Project Number 1: Christmas stocking for nephew.
I am attempting something never before seen in the Jennifer realm of creativity...Crazy Quilting.
As someone who knows me all too well said, "Jennifer doesn't sew. She thinks about it. Plans it. Even buys fabric. But she NEVER sews!"
Well....I'm here to tell you, Jennifer is sewing!
I went through all the piles of fabric in our possession and found all the Christmasy stuff!
I found a pattern and between that and Googleing (is that a word?) "How to Crazy Quilt," I set off!
So far I'm liking this project, which is a good thing. However, I do wonder what we ever did before Google let us look the the creative genius of others who so helpfully post their inspired handiwork!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 7 of 7

So we've come to the final day of our Dresses Challenge!
I wore my wonderful reversible Coldwater Creek skirt from Day 1. (other side, of course!)
My newest splurge on myself, my rose sweater from GAP! So cozy, I love it! Don't know if you can see it, but the lacy tank is from Rue 21 and brown tights from Old Navy.
During housework, I'm featuring a vintage apron, hand-made and worn by my Grams! She gave us all her old aprons, it's wonderful! Doesn't take long wearing one to figure out why our Grandmothers always wore one!
What!?! How long has it been since I watered this plant????
My pink pearl earrings were a gift from a co-worker ages ago and the necklace was a gift from some of the volunteers at TLC in South Africa.
My photographer getting creative! I think she just wanted everyone to see my hair (worn messy today! :O ) which she cut!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 6 of 7

Here we are, inside...watching the snow fall and enjoying the warmth of the house! However, the wind is not blowing quite so much today and I really should go out and shovel! ...but, but...I'm having so much fun looking at my Altered Book from my sister..... Ohhhhh! I must have some will power in there somewhere!
Every picture taken of me today turned out miserably so we're stuck with these!
The Outfit: Black suede skirt from Coldwater Creek! (hand-me-down, yippee!)
Sparkly silver knit top from White Stag, Christmas gift several years ago.
Crop royal blue Rue 21 sweater, Christmas gift this year from my sister.
Black George socks, I bought because they're wonderful!
The Accessories: Earrings were a gift from my Grandma a few years ago.
Bowl from an Africa market filled with pinecones....from the Christmas decor box! I did not, however walk around carrying it... Also to note, the adorable, hand-made stockings on the wall, courtesy of Derrillynn!
The Do: Brown plastic comb headband. Nothing special, just nice and easy!
And since I'm obviously having a love affair with my socks, I have included a special photo of them! *sigh*

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 5 of 7

Time to show off Day 5's outfit as well as one of my passions, scrapping!
Since it was blowing and snowing all day (I think the lowest it got, with wind chill, was -23!) It was a great day to stay inside and craft!

Alrighty then! I know it's a late post...but better late than never, right? Of course, right!
Today I'm wearing one of my favorite get-ups! I seriously considered not posting new photos but instead, reposting the fabulous shot Ester took almost exactly one year ago!
The Outfit: Thermal knit hoodie top and tank are from GAP (have I worn GAP every day...?)
Apt. 9 skirt was a gift from Mother Dearest the Christmas I was in England!
Smoky grey Old Navy tights.
Slip-On ballet shoes, black & grey striped, I bought in South Africa.
The Accessories: I bought these earrings, probably 12 years ago when my sister and I decided we needed fancy and daring jewelry! Woo Hoo! And, do I even need to mention the African necklace? Can I count my amazing scrapbook tote by Paper Studio?
The Do: First, I gave myself more definite bangs. One side is twisted and held with a comb and the other side is held with 2 snappy clips.
If you haven't been following the 7 Days of Dresses you can read all about it here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 4 of 7

*ahem* Now to continue The 7 Days in a Dress. I don't know what the official rules are, but being sick for two days, I neither got dressed nor was in any shape to be photographed! So, we'll just pick up where we left off!
It's snowing so beautifully once again and I was determined to get pictures in it!

Amazingly, this fab wool skirt is a White Stag. It's such a wardrobe basic, I'm literally wearing it out. *cries*
The shirts are my FAV long-sleeve tee and cami from GAP! (bought on sale, of course!)
The hidden socks are George (My favorite socks, ever!)
The mules, I'm thinking are from WalMart, 100 years ago. The faux fleece lining is super warm!

The hair-do is just blow-dried and pulled back with a beautiful brown headband from a Christmas past. Earrings are a birthday gift from a South American couple I worked with, which is where the earrings are from.
And, for a change, my other African necklace!

Hooray for Snow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 of 7

Continuing the "Dresses" event!

Today we have another ever-so-comfy hand me down from Vintage Studio! ...or maybe it was bought second-hand. I'm not sure! The heathered grey tights are a perfect match! (not that you can really see them) The earrings are antiqued silver hearts set with blue stones and were a gift from Mom & Dad years ago! And, of course, my African necklace!

I don't know what you would call this hairstyle, but it's gathered into tiny bands and each little ponytail is then split and gathered into alternate little ponytails...that doesn't really make much sense... Oh, well, it's different!
Oh, and as you can see, all my little Nutcracker men wanted to join me! What was I to do!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Days 1 & 2 of 7

I have been a very naughty girl and quite abandoned my Blog. Oh, lonely it must feel. (I can either break into tears here, or simply move on...)
Between my sister and The Unknown Artist (aka Esther) I have been persuaded to join the "Seven Dresses for Seven Days!" *in my head I now hear ♪♫♪Bless Your Beautiful Hide...Wherever You May Beeeee♪♫♪*
...never mind....

Day 1:
OK, I was not planning on sharing my outfit with the world, so I didn't get any good pictures
of it but here is what I have:It seems to be the
way of these posts to tell everyone where the articles came from so I shall do my best! The skirt is my all-time favorite and was acquired second-hand from my Dear Grandmother! I'm showing off my beautiful coat purchased in Alaska...where they have ample supplies of such things! The brown boots are another favorite, so don't worry that you cannot see them...they will more than likely show up again! And of course I'm modeling two of my favorites accessories....a scarf and a cup of coffee! :)

Day 2:

Something old, something new, something purple....?Wait...I think that's the wrong train of thought...
This outfit was created for warmth. The ribbed mock turtle neck is older than Noah and I have no idea where it came from! The moleskin skirt has a likewise, ambiguous origin...but is long and warm...besides the camel color goes with most anything!
The ever-present scarf is a Christmas gift and this was it's maiden voyage--that's a weird way to put that :/ The little touches are, fav cami in purple from GAP, my lovely Hippo necklace from Africa, stolen..err..I mean, borrowed earrings from my sister's stash, wonderful black boots and, of course a new haircut. I am loathe to call the purple Hershey's Kiss an accessory....but if the shoe fits....

And speaking shoes...
when one has purple legs
and black boots, they really
ought not to be hidden away!