Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kind Words....

I have now started selling the scrapbooks I enjoy making so much! Here's a link to my shop where you can look at samples of my work and order one for yourself! GingerShop

Nice things people have said about the Scrapbooks I've made!

* I love the scrapbook you made for my baby's shower. It's precious! ~M.B. from Texas

* I LOVE my book! I look at it every day! And I keep it on my coffee table so everyone who comes over can see it! ~G.W. from Nevada

* Honestly, it's the most beautiful book I've ever seen! I love all the details! ~V.D. from Alaska

* The scrapbook you made from my birthday party is priceless! I love it! ~J.L. from Missouri

*The GingerShop scrapbook pages are more than wonderful! I was very pleased with the one's I had done, they were even better than I had imagined. What a terrific way to capture your memories. ~D.R. from Missouri